I am not a blawger.  I’ve never written a blog (or blawg) in my life. 

I’ve also never been able to keep a diary because, usually, the things that happen to me aren’t that out of the ordinary and I don’t see the point of writing about things that seem boring to me now so that I can read about them in the future.  For example, fast forward 50 years, I’m sitting in a rocking chair reading this:

Dear Diary,

Today I slept in until 1:30.  I felt like such a waste of space for sleeping in late that I tried to prep for law school classes by reading one of the HOW-TO-SUCCEED-IN-LAW-SCHOOL-AND-BE-IN-THE-TOP-10%-IN-YOUR-CLASS-WITHOUT-RELINQUISHING-YOUR SANITY-OR-MAKING-MORTAL-ENEMIES books my mom bought me.  I got bored, gave up and decided to watch the episode of Jersey Shore I missed last week instead.  I also decided it was a good idea to drink some rum and coke while watching the show to get in the mood. I’m drunk right now.  

Write you tomorrow.



The reason I want to write this blawg is not because I want to remember every little thing that happens to me during law school (although I guess I’ll be able to read about my experiences 50 years from now, an added bonus I suppose), but because I want to connect with other students and alumni who are having and have had similar experiences. 


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