Here We Go

My school’s  law library recommended the following books for summer reading:

An Introduction to Legal Reasoning by Edward H. Levi

Starting Off Right in Law School by Carolyn J. Nygren

The Bramble Bush by Karl N. Llewelyn

Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success by Helene S. Shapo and Marshall S. Shapo

I started reading “An Introduction to Legal Reasoning”, but stopped after about 30 pages because, apart from the court cases it mentioned, it was probably doing more harm than good because I had no idea what I was reading half the time.  On a positive note the court cases mentioned in the book involve the “Inherently Dangerous Rule,” which is interesting because it’s probably part of the reason why so many dumb warning labels exist.

“Starting Off Right in Law School” is a good introduction to law in general so, if you decide to read any of these books, I would recommend this one (I got about 3/4 of the way through it).

I didn’t get past page 10 in “The Bramble Bush”.  I blame the book and the fact that it’s composed of a series of speeches from the 1930s.

I didn’t bother with the other book.

My orientation starts in 5 days. I have not finished one single law school prep book.

I’ve decided to prep by watching as many reality courtroom T.V. shows as possible between now and my first class.  

What I’ve learned so far: Do not fuck with Judge Judy.

I will order books tomorrow.  I’m super cheap/poor, so I’ll be bargain hunting.  I’ll post my results.



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2 responses to “Here We Go

  1. Those are some great book suggestions. I’ll be sure to check ’em out once I’m done with my law school cycle.

  2. Glad the list was useful. Good luck!

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