Let There Be Internet! (and Other Comments)

On Internet: So I guess one thing to keep in mind when you’re moving into an off-campus location is to call your internet provider ASAP to set up an appointment for a technician to come over and install the internet.  Otherwise, you’ll end up like me, in the law school library on Facebook trying to like everyone’s status and comment on every new picture while checking email, paying bills and surfing Youtube during the ten minutes between orientation activities because there’s no internet in the house.  (Oh, and FYI, if you get Time Warner’s Extreme internet, don’t be surprised if it’s extremely slow. Pun intended.)

On books: Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on some of my books.  Right now, I’m having the biggest issue with Biggerbooks.com.  I would recommend avoiding them altogether if possible because none of my books have even shipped yet and I ordered them over a week ago.  From what I’ve read on their website, their books ship from an off-site warehouse, which probably explains the delay.

Also, from what I’ve gathered from talking to professors and 2L and 3Ls, it’s better not to buy supplements until later in the semester, when you have a better idea of what you actually need.  

On Homework: If you haven’t checked already, make sure that you know whether or not you have homework due on the first day in any of your classes.  I just found out today that I have homework due in all of my classes.  FML.

On Socializing:I had a sever case of déjà vu when I went out with some of my classmates to meet some of the 2 and 3Ls on Friday.  If any underclassmen are reading this, please note the following: You will still be drinking Keystone Light (or it’s effervescent equivalent) in law school.  Also, start honing your flip cup skills now; they will prove invaluable in the future.

Orientation:Tomorrow is my first official day of orientation (I attended an additional optional orientation this past week, which consisted of mock classes and a mock exam).  I will also get my picture taken.  I am extremely unphotogenic, so I’m probably going to have to get up at six in the morning to practice smiling in front of a mirror for a few hours so that I don’t mess this up.



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