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So It’s Been a While…

I expected law school to be different from undergrad and far more challenging, but I never expected to actually…have…to…read…stuff.  OK, that’s a lie.  I expected to have to read some, I was just completely unprepared for the amount of reading that I would actually have to do(which explains why I haven’t written in a while).  I have come to the sad, sobering realization that my bullshitting days are over.  I can no longer skim chapters and surf SparkNotes four minutes before class and still be prepared; from now on, this will be nothing but a fond and distant memory from undergrad (tear).

While the bad news is that law school involves ridiculous amounts of reading (did I mention that you have to read every…single…word and that the readings are generously sprinkled with seemingly random bits of Latin and French words with perfectly good English equivalents that you need to stop and look up every two and a half seconds?), the good news is that there are some good tools available to help make life a little easier.

My most recent discovery is OneNote.  This program has been on my computer since I bought Windows 2010 a year ago and I literally just realized it this week.  Thank god.  As you can probably gather from the name, OneNote is a powerful tool that can help keep all of your notes (trust me, there will be lots of notes) organized and has features that can even help you link related notes to make reviewing your notes much easier.  I spent most of my day today organizing my notes for contracts and I can already tell that it will be invaluable when I start making my outline.

Check out this link for specific tips on how to use OneNote.

My other tip: Do not get behind in your classwork.  If you do, you will have no idea of what’s going on in class and will waste all of your class time trying to calculate the probability of the professor calling on you and making you look like an idiot in front of your whole class.

Vale posteram tempus.


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